“Travelling Notes” tells the story of a journey that led me to live in Estonia, Belgium and France, having unforgettable experiences, rich in emotions, that I express through sounds, melodies and harmonies. The result is “Travel Notes” or “Notes on the Go”, narrated as stories, tunes and compositions that were written and played while I was exploring these countries.

Every journey begins with a certain sense of disorientation; everything is new, but it will soon feel familiar (Disoriented Breeze). Sometimes, darkness and nighttime, silence and tranquility, moments spent gazing at the sky stir memories of a distant home (Evenings).

Other times, nice surprises and unexpected encounters (Whillip) produce impressions and emotions that we collect and we keep inside us forever (Aeonian). It is like wandering around something mysterious that attracts us (Around a Round Trip), as if we were unknowingly pushed by an inner instinct which will always accompany us (Funky Feeling).

Finally, those unknown places become a home: you don’t want to leave it, but in your heart you know you will live there again (Näeme Jälle). My wish is that this story is just the prologue of a longer narrative yet to be written.


Sebastian Piovesan –  bass, compositions and arrangements
Francesco Ivone – trumpet
Giorgio Giacobbi – tenor/soprano saxophones
Francesco De Luisa – piano
Camilla Collet – drums